A label with a positive impact

Mangroovemusic équipe

Mangroove Music is a label with a social and environmental impact that uses music to meet two challenges :

  • To develop engaging narratives based on the universality of the musical language.
  • To finance projects in the field with the support of artists committed to the cause we defend.

To do this, we mix arts, sciences, and spirituality to provide a space for artists to think of the world. We produce it in all musical styles to reach as many people as possible.

Manu Katché

« To the question can music move the lines? My answer is YES. Music brings people together, allows a communion, so if people listen to the music we propose and suddenly are immersed in the same unity, it's a win-win! »

MANU KATCHÉ, sponsor of Mangroove Music

Why Mangroove Music?

Foret de mangrove

We all live on a planet that is beautiful, strong, and fragile. Beautiful, we all know that. We just have to take the time to look at it. Strong, because it feeds billions of living beings, including humans. Fragile, because the biosphere is a set of ecosystems based on a precarious balance. As Youssoupha rightly says in a song we are producing, “we are all alive at the same time”.

This project was born in the Mangrove in the Brazilian Nordeste in Icapui, during a trip of its founder, Olivier Covo. The Mangrove is an ecosystem representing 1% of tropical forests. It is a link between land and sea and an exceptional space of biodiversity. This forest, which fixes the land by the sea and protects the coast from the sea winds, is a magnificent carbon sink. It is also a space that gives life to many endigeneous peoples.

We have choosen this name because the Mangrove is a Totem Tree and “Mangroove” with the two O’s because drive this project we’ll need groove!


« Mangroove Music is music with positive causes. If I had to complete it, I would say Music with a positive cause. »

YOUSSOUPHA, first artist to work in duo with Oumou Sangare for the West African Mangroves

Our Project

Gaetan Roussel and Assossa©Photo Michèle Eckert

1 Project = 1 Artist + 1 Track + 1 Podcast + 1 Mini Documentary

We build narratives from music. Each narrative is part of a complete editorial package.

  • Our evaluation committee proposes, for each project, artists who have a strong awareness of the supported project.
  • We propose to each of these artists a phase of immersion and acculturation, to build a powerful narrative.
  • For each of these narratives, we set up a creative team to allow each artist to fully express his universe, to bring his color and style.
  • To further develop each musical narrative, we produce a podcast and a mini documentary.

Building powerful and engaging imaginaries through music is our belief.

Olivier Covo

« In the seed of a tree, there is a whole forest. In each narrative we build, there is a seed that allows us to shatter imaginations. »

OLIVIER COVO, President of Mangroove Music

Who are we?

alt text !Photo © Serge Guiraud

Who are we, what do we do and what makes us vibrate in harmony?

Mangroove Music brings together industry professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists committed to the same vision. We have chosen to unite our skills and networks to put music at the service of concrete causes that we consider essential.

This commitment is reflected in the production of new musical works, in collaboration with associations working in the field. Each musical production aims to contribute to a narrative about a cause, with a social or environmental impact, to raise awareness among its audience and finance an action serving this cause. These narratives are about various causes such as forests, oceans, biodiversity, environment, climate, inclusion, feminism…

Food for thoughts

This ecosystem is a real space for new encounters and enriching exchanges so that artists can think about our world in metamorphosis. It is a space that is inspired by the diversity of talents – scientists, researchers, experts, entrepreneurs, ecologists, shamans, caciques – committed to a common vision.

« We are all convinced that it is by sharing the beautiful, the sensitive and the fragile that we will be able to plant reality in people's hearts. »

OLIVIER COVO, President of Mangroove Music

Our commitment

Enfants sous la pluie

Mangroove Music is committed to the conservation of biodiversity and to all issues that affect society through concrete actions. We focus on questioning our connection to nature and our place in the biosphere.

We use music to serve causes to spread new narratives within our human societies and encourage everyone to get involved wherever necessary.

Mangroove Music also takes concrete action in the field by financing associations validated by the scientific committees of our partners and our project evaluation committee.

The music we produce funds all the causes we support.

Our current focus is on ecology, forest ecosystems and on endigeneous peoples.