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A pen as sharp as the power of his convictions: this is how one could sum up the music of the artist.

French of Congolese origin, he lived a childhood marked by the dictatorship that upset his country.
A lover of words, he began upon his arrival in France to put them to music, creating the group Frères Lumières. But it is ultimately through his solo career that he will establish himself as an emblematic figure and crowned lyricist-king of French rap.
His relationship to his dual culture is his strength, in a way that is as categorical as it is inclusive: Far from rejecting one homeland for the other, he does not fail to underline the love he has for both by highlighting their intrinsic inequalities . Corruption, racism, police violence, poverty: the taboo subjects that plague our societies are exposed as a red thread in all his albums, in a narration that is always intended to be non-violent.

Committed, he has always been. Invested in numerous associations, Youssoupha has lent his time and his voice to countless causes and events, particularly on the subject of inequalities among young people.

Today, he has decided to get involved with Mangroove Music, to make our narratives shine through his words and the timbre of his voice.

Youssoupha @ MangrooveMusic

Oumou Sangare

Oumou Sangaré

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Oumou became known thanks to a music halfway between traditions, emotions and spirituality. International Malian singer, Oumou made herself known thanks to a music halfway between traditions, emotions and spirituality.

Coming from a family from Wassoulou, she has always sung, carried by the voices of her mother and grandmother. After weddings, baptisms and the street, it is within the National Ensemble of Mali that she will grow her talent. Spotted by a producer, she will record “Moussolou”, which will propel her as soon as she is released to the rank of superstar.

Oumou celebrates in her songs the cultural identity of her country, her love of nature and her respect for traditions. But she also knows how to have a critical mind, and will not hesitate to challenge polygamy, exploitation or even arranged marriages, pointing out all the customs that jeopardize women’s freedoms.

Her music is exported all over the world, and in 2001 she received the Unesco Music Prize for her contribution to the enrichment and development of music, as well as to the cause of peace, understanding between peoples and international cooperation.
Captivating artist, spokesperson for women, businesswoman, ambassador of her region and her culture, Oumou Sangaré has been committed all her life to improving those of Malians, in particular through the collective of artists Africa Stop Ebola. It is today by our side that his fight continues, driven by his love for nature.

Oumou Sangaré @ MangrooveMusic

Manu Katché

Manu Katché

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Classically trained in piano and drums, Manu was destined for a great career as a percussionist from a very young age.
He has become an exceptional drummer, as well as an author-composer, lyricist and performer, and has accompanied the greatest French and international stars. “Chevalier des arts et des lettre”s, he received numerous musical awards throughout his career.

He composed the soundtrack of the film “Un indien dans la ville”, was a jury member for the program “Nouvelle Star”, presenter of the program “ArteOne Shot No”t or more recently presenter of the program Lla face Katché” on Yahoo France.
Manu Katché is a mix of influences, cultures and styles and a perfect mastery of each of them.

As for his commitment, he has given a series of charity concerts throughout his career to help various associations. It is within Mangroove Music that he decided to invest himself, by becoming godfather and associate of the label.

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Zazie is undoubtedly one of the favorite singers in France.

After long studies and a career as a model, she decided to start singing in 1990. Nicknamed Zazie in reference to Raymond Queneau’s novel, “Zazie dans le métro”, she asserted very early on her penchant for the artistic domain through the violin, the piano, the guitar and writing. Sacred revelation of the year at the Victoires de la Musique with her first album, it is her second project, ‘Zen’, that will make her truly successful. She then went on to achieve many successes, composing for herself, for film soundtracks and even for other artists. She was named female artist of the year at the 1998 Victoires de la Musique, and continued to tour France and the world to share her music.

In terms of social and environmental commitment, Zazie has never been half-hearted. She joined the Sol En Si association in 1995, the Enfoirés in 1997, is ambassador of the France Stand Up For African Mothers campaign and godmother of the Téléthon, the Traversée Bleue or the Sidaction.

Zazie has also shown throughout her life a great sensitivity to environmental issues. In 2009, she participated in the program Rendez-vous en terre inconnue with the Korowai in West Papua, and also sings live for several foundations such as Nicolas-Hulot or GoodPlanet.

One of the first to believe in Mangroove Music, Zazie has decided to continue to set an example through this new project.

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Fakear is one of the leaders of the current electronic scene. Born in Caen, he was raised by music teachers and quickly learned to play the saxophone and the guitar. Member of a rock band during his high school years, he finally switched to electronic music. Since 2013, he has been touring all over the world, and even won the Deezer Adami Prize in 2014. Lulled by his imagination, between Miyazaki and Deep Forest, his hometown and his travels around the world, Fakear is a man-child, carrying a real reflection and a militant conscience on the world around him.

Committed to the planet, he ended his contract with a major music label after they did not respect his desire for eco-responsible, associative and local merchandising.

He then became one of the first French artists to join the international movement Music Declares Emergency. He also participated in the Climate March in 2021 and in the charity compilation of the DJ’s For Climate Action collective that same year. It is therefore quite natural that Fakear joins the ranks of Mangroove Music to be the voice of a generation that understands better than anyone else the current issues of our society.

Fakear @ MangrooveMusic

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Percussive energy, disconcerting sensitivity: VickyR is an explosive combo. And a winner. The rapper and beatmaker has quite a lot of buzz. Born in 1996 in Libreville, Gabon, she arrived in France at the age of 12. Very quickly, she became passionate about music and production, and began to compose her first songs and share her work on the Internet. She has since elevated music to a science of words, perfecting her technique and pen. Her rap is electrifying, between egotrip and introspection, incisive but generous. She rewrites EP after EP the codes of trap and R&B, becoming over the years a great hope of the new French rap generation. Vicky joined Mangroove Music to connect with life through a new dimension, showing more than ever that rap and social awraeness can go hand in hand and feed each other.

Gaetan Rousell

Gaëtan Roussel

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Legendary voice of the contemporary French scene, Gaëtan brilliantly juggles between his solo career and his group “Louise Attaqu”e. And the results speak for themselves: 7 awards in the “Victoires de la Musique” and 5 million records sold. He also writes for others, including the album “Bleu pétrole” by Bashung, awarded in 2009 at the “Victoires de la Musiqu”e. This is the same year that he really starts his solo career. From 2017, he also becomes a presenter of music programs on RTL2.

The opportunities to put his fame at the service of others have not been lacking throughout his career, and the least we can say is that Gaëtan has seized them. All these years, he has given many live shows to raise funds against several diseases and for associations protecting children and teen-agers. It is with his guitar and his eternal smile that he came to compose and to put down his voice to support the Mangroove project.