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One song One Forest

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One Song One ForestLaunch on November 15th, 2022

The programme

In partnership with the Foundation Prince Albert II de Monaco

One Song One Forest is a unique initiative led by Mangroove Music in collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for the protection of forests all over the world. Joining forces with the music industry allows us to raise awareness by proposing new narratives and to make a difference by qualifying and funding programs.

The One Song One Forest program links music and forest protection.

This program covers 3 priority areas of action:

  • Limiting the effects of climate change and promoting renewable energy
  • Preserving biodiversity.
  • Managing resources and preventing desertification.

Mangroove Music and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation are jointly developing 9 field projects supported throughout the world over 3 years.

Mangroove Music meets once a year with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to select projects that have been validated by the Foundation’s scientific committee and that can be the subject of artistic sponsorship.

All income are invested in the supported field project.


Project#1 : Mangroves in West Africa

As part of the “Sustainable management of mangroves from Senegal to Benin” project, coordinated by IUCN and financed by the European Union and UEMOA, the Collectif 5 Deltas is deploying its intervention on the mangroves of southern Senegal (Casamance), Guinea Bissau and Guinea. The action consists of reinforcing the capacities of local actors, by seeking a good connection between local governance, valorization of mangrove resources and conservation of ecosystems.

The project’s overall objective is to achieve integrated protection of West Africa’s fragile mangrove diversity and ecosystems and their enhanced resilience to climate change.
The specific objective of the project is to reinforce the management of protected areas and unprotected mangrove sites.
The aim is to link governance and production systems with mangrove conservation structures at the territorial level.
The present proposal for collaboration between the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Mangroove Music aims to strengthen and complete this action by mobilizing complementary resources for the benefit of local populations living off the mangrove.

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