Who we are

Mangroove Music is a non-profit production company with a social and environmental impact. We bring together associations, music industry professionals, scientists, experts and committed artists. This hybrid community of players agents/people builds musical projects together, fostering collaboration and spreading new positive stories for a fairer, more sustainable world that respects planetary limits.

Our goal : to make ecology more fun and affordable accessible through music.  

Our raison d’être: To use the power of music to raise public awareness of on ecological issues. 

Raising awareness, awakening, mobilizing, transmitting.

Manu Katché

« To the question, can music move the lines? My answer is YES. Music brings people together, creates a communion, so if people listen to the music we propose and are suddenly bathed in the same togetherness, it's a winner! »

MANU KATCHÉ, parrain de Mangroove Music

Our commitments

Gaetan Roussel and Assossa©Photo Michèle Eckert

Mangroove Music is about associations and artist collectives joining forces and working together to create an album and bonus content (videos, podcasts and clips…). 

We use artistic creation to support associations and finance their projects to save Planet Earth. Each musical production translates into concrete action in the field, helping to protect ecosystems. All rights profits from  the music we produce are donated to the associations we support.

The artists create, the public listens, the associations implement the projects. It’s a virtuous circle.

A single watchword: preserve life.

Mangroove Music focuses on 3 themes :

  • Oceans, with “one song one ocean
  • Forests, with “one song one forest”.
  • Biodiversity, with “one song one earth”.

« Mangroove Music is music with positive causes. If I ever had to complete it, I'd say Music with a positive cause. »

YOUSSOUPHA, premier Artiste à travailler en duo avec Oumou Sangare pour les Mangroves d’Afrique de l’Ouest