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we are the forest

One Song One Forest is the music industry’s first forest protection initiative. The program focuses on four priority areas:

  • Limiting the effects of climate change and promoting renewable
  • renewable energies 
  • Preserving biodiversity 
  • Preserving forests and combating desertification
  • Working with indigenous peoples to preserve ecosystems

One Song One Forest aims to raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers to accelerate the protection of forest ecosystems. The program aims to pass on the knowledge essential to preserving life on earth, by making the voices of scientists and root peoples heard.

Make Sense

Tous vivants

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Campaign objectives

Campaign launched on November 15, 2022

  • Campaign challenge: 
  • Understand the role of mangroves in preserving life and local resources. Demonstrate the interdependence of ecosystems.
  • Help protect Mangroves by shedding light on the risks associated with climate change and sea pollution.

Supported organizations

Eclosio is an association present in several countries around the world. Its work consists of strengthening the socio-economic activities of communities vulnerable to globalization and climate change. 

In the mangrove areas of West Africa (Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau), Eclosio ensures integrated protection of the diversity and fragile ecosystems of Mangroves. The association also promotes the exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices in community-based management of mangrove ecosystems. It acts to strengthen the capacities of local players, by adding value to mangrove products and conserving ecosystems.

Currently, the association is fighting to preserve 500,000 hectares of Mangrove and 320,000 jobs.


This collaboration symbolises the diversity and richness of Africa. When rap meets world music, the magic happens to convey an emotional story advocating cooperation between living beings on the planet.


Tous Vivant – Youssoupha & Oumou Sangaré

The track Tous Vivants shows that we are all alive at the same time. The track has already reached over 2 million people.