One Song One Ocean

we are the ocean

The #one song one ocean program covers a number of areas :

  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Ocean warming, plastic pollution, ocean acidification
  • Industrial overfishing, noise pollution, maritime traffic

One Song One Ocean aims to raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers to accelerate the protection of coastal and marine ecosystems. Our aim is to set up a collective of artists from all generations in partnership with ocean protection associations.

The project combines music, science and ecology. It draws on the latest knowledge in marine bio-acoustics. Actions are developed in partnership with research centers (CNRS, CIAN, Sorbonne…) and oceanographers from all horizons (François Sarano, Paul Watson…).

Make the voice of the oceans heard and take concrete action to protect them. 


Deep Ocean

Campaign objectives

Campaign launched on November 14, 2023

  • Demonstrate the intelligence of marine life. 
  • Raise awareness of the sperm whale cause with a mini album: Deep Ocean signed by Deep Forest and DeLaurentis.
  • Develop a comprehensive editorial campaign to inform the public.

A range of publications will enable these experiences and knowledge to be passed on to all audiences (podcasts, films, conferences, workshops, children’s stories, concerts).

Supported organizations

Longitude 181  is an association specializing in ocean protection. Its aim is to reconcile humans with the wild life of the ocean. The association carries out awareness-raising, warning, research and preservation actions for large marine animals under threat. The project defended by Longitude 181 and CNRS/CIAN Toulon aims to protect a Clan of sperm whales in the Indian Ocean already accompanied for 10 years by the association.


Deep Forest and Delaurentis are working together for the oceans, allowing us to discover their unique worlds.


The title Deep océan is a musical piece in three parts in which the artists are in conversation with sperm whales. The animal becomes a musician…